How much do lessons cost?

I charge £35 per hour lesson.

What are your teaching times?

I teach on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9:30am until 7:00pm.

Can I hire a sax?

Yes, many shops offer a hire scheme.

What type of sax should I play?

The two most widely used saxophones are alto and tenor. The alto is usually more suitable for children purely because it is smaller and lighter in weight than the tenor.

If you’re an adult wishing to start playing I advise you to listen to recordings or live music which feature saxophone to see which sound you like. If you are unsure which sax is making a sound that you like I can advise you if you tell me the name of the record or bring me a recording.

Can you help me with buying a saxophone?

Here are a few tips when buying a saxophone:

Try to buy a brand new student level instrument rather than a second hand one which may need some costly overhauling to make it playable. A reputable dealer will make sure it is properly ‘set up’ ready for playing, as well as provide a warranty and back up service. Most modern saxophones have good ergonomic design and play well.

For beginners I advise getting a Yamaha 4C mouthpiece and a few Rico or Rico Royal reeds. I would normally recommend reed strength 1.5 for children and 2 for adults to start with. Make sure you have a neck strap which will support the sax at the correct height so that you can reach the mouthpiece easily.

Can you buy right or left handed saxes?

No, both hands play an equal role on saxophone so it makes no difference whether you are left or right handed.

I can’t read music, will that be a problem?

That’s not a problem, you will simultaneously learn to play and read a few notes at a time.

Am I too old to start learning an instrument?

No, I have taught many adults from scratch, including some in their retirement, who’ve become proficient players and gone on to play in bands and ensembles.

What’s the youngest age you teach?

Generally a child is not physically big and strong enough under 9 or 10 years of age.